Brockworth Albion Football Club
Brockworth, Gloucester

Brockworth Albion Football Club in Gloucester commissioned a new build changing rooms and showers and from setting out to the final sparkle clean LSH Construction has completed the work to the high standards our customers expect.

The project

A single storey building with two group changing rooms and showers to serve up to 32 people, with referee’s changing and shower, kitchen, stores, boiler room, cleaner’s cupboard and five toilets included disabled.

The traditional building is founded on deep trench fill concrete, insulated ground bearing floor slab with power floated finish and traditional brick and paint grade block insulated cavity wall. Trussed roof timbers with double roman tiles cover the building, which is finished as painted blockwork with solid contrasting grey timber doors. The showers are clad in hygienic plastic sheeting, similar to ‘Altro Whiterock’ panelling, and with UPVC V-board shower ceilings. The showers five per room and are anti-vandal push button fixtures with a pre-blended hot water, drained from a central channel and with anti-slip commercial floor tiles.

The building does its best for sustainability and benefits from having low energy lighting and PIR detectors to control each lighting circuit, is very well insulated, is fitted with the latest in condensing boilers and all of the surface water drains to soakaway.

The building was opened by 1966 World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst who was very impressed with the facility and complimentary about its construction and finish. The club are of course thrilled to have their long awaited changing rooms and we are proud to have delivered it for them.