Cheaper than window companies and able to create new or alter openings too, we install hardwood, softwood, aluminium and UPVC windows and doors to your building.

Our window-fitting service

Everyone knows the benefits of installing thermally efficient windows, double or triple glazed, and there are countless window companies available in Bristol, Gloucester and the South West. Ordering direct from the manufacturers, we can usually beat their prices and install them more sympathetically to your building. Not being reliant purely on plastic trims, we can make good the installation to your reveals in plaster, or masonry from the outside.

When it comes to timber – hardwood or softwood, we work with a superb joiners who produce the finest work to your design and specification. Oak, Ash, Sapili or pine, we can help advise you and produce windows and doors that you will adore.

Aluminium windows and doors are a contemporary modern option which allows narrow frames and a long maintenance free life. We can also obtain these direct from the manufacturers and in any colour you desire.


Window example