Tanking / waterproofing

Underground rooms, cellars and retaining walls – we can waterproof and tank your walls to create a dry room from an old damp space and apply rising and penetrating damp treatments.

Our Tanking / waterproofing service

Damp can be a worrying problem in any building type, and many older buildings were constructed without a damp proof course or damp proof membrane. As heating and air tightness improves, this can become more and more of a problem, whether its rising damp, penetrating damp or water ingress

Tanking walls and floors gives you the dry and clean environment that you need to live or work in, whilst a scheme of injection proposed by our specialist supplier will stop rising damp in its tracks.

Straightforward in its approach, tanking and waterproofing requires meticulous and careful application to be successful, and our operatives are selected for this task with these characteristics foremost.


Tanking example